We believe that the commitment assumed in the manufacture of each machine must be accompanied by an assistance to match. That is why we take responsibility for providing excellent after-sales service.
Our years of experience endorse the service provided to our clients, we work with the commitment that allows us today to supply world-renowned leading companies.


Technical support of machines in service

Our team of professional technicians is prepared to assist in any help that the client requires, whether it is mechanical, electronic or in the equipment hardware.
Our machines have the possibility of being assisted remotely, allowing this to minimize the response time.


Spare parts and tooling

DOPP machines are designed to provide versatility when processing different models. That’s why tooling changes are simple and fast to minimize setup time.

The machines are of our own design, so we have 100% of the parts coded, thus facilitating the replacement of parts.


Upgrades and rebuilds

Our equipment is constantly updated by applying new technologies and improvements. DOPP offers the possibility of updating the machines installed in the industry, either from the application of new technologies, updating components, or reconditioning DOPP machinery with a production trajectory.


Diagnostic report

Scheduled maintenance of machines in service reduces unforeseen production stops. For this reason, DOPP offers the maintenance diagnostic service to all installed machines.
These services include a complete maintenance plan, lubrication, sensor cleaning, minor adjustments, and a general inspection of the machine.


Vision systems for control

Quality is of vital importance and more demanding every day, to ensure it we have vision systems to incorporate into our machines.
Ensure control of your production by inspecting with artificial vision all the processes that require this exhaustive control.
This technology allows the control of products at high speed, discarding parts that do not meet the required quality standards.